I am working on a developing a 3D game that will be deployed for android and desktop using LWJGL.  The game will be written from scratch using LWJGL and OpenGL.  As part of writing the game, I needed to create some tools to make creating assets for the game easier.  One such tool that I need is an animation editor.

Now you could say, “just use blender.”  You are right.  I have tried that.  I went so far as to write an exporter, with some help of pre-written blender scripts, however, when I import it into my project, everything goes wrong.  For instance, while playing the exported blender animation, the model would literally blow up and the mesh would become completely unrecognizable.  It would be funny if it was not so frustrating.

So, this bring me to why I wrote my own game character Animator.  I wanted to create something that one, would help me create animated characters using joint-based (skeletal animation), and two something that I can have available for others to learn from.

On this site you can find  the source code to the animator which I demonstrated on my soliduscode youtube channel.

Here is a screen capture of the project.

skeletal animation for 3d mesh
skeletal animation for 3d mesh

Source Code